Dennis Moody
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Updated: November, 2017

Tracking room is 14' by 22'
Control room is 14' by 15'
11' by 7' isolation booth, with sliding glass doors
7' by 3 1/2' vocal booth or amp "closet" with a window for visual contact.

ProTools 10.3.8 HD3 digital recording system AVID HD16 i/o
Digidesign 192K converter
Intel Mac "Xeon" 2.83Ghz Eight core computer.

Mic pre's:
4 GML 8300 mic pre's
4 SP "Tutti" Sunset Sound API mic pre's
2 Avalon M5 tube mic pre's
Mackie 24-8 input console wired with Monster and Belden cable and full TT patchbay.

Warm Audio WA76 limiters (2)
Warm Audio EQP-WA Pultec style EQ (2)
Avalon AD2055 stereo tube EQ (1 pair)
Avalon AD2044 stereo tube compressor (1 pair)
DBX 160 (2)
Behringer MDX 2200 compressors (2 pairs)

JBL 6332's (2)
powered by an Alesis RA500 amp (passive cooling)
JBL LSR6312SP subs (2)
Tuned with a stereo DBX 1231 31 band graphic EQ

Headphone monitoring system:
16X12 Crest Audio XRM console (enabling 6 separate stereo cue mixes)
Vic Firth "isolation headphones" (8)
AKG 140 headphones (3)
Sony single side violin phones (1)
Behringer 8 headphone amps (2)

AKG 414B Xll(2)
AKG C451B/ST (2)
Warm Audio WA87 (2)
Shure KSM44 (2)
Shure KSM32 (3)
Shure KSM27' (1)
Shure KSM 141 (3)
Shure Beta 98 (2)
Shure Beta 52 (1)
Shure SM 98 (4)
Shure SM81 (2)
Shure SM57 (2)
Shure SM58 (2)
Shure VS88 stereo (1)
MXL 2003 (2)
MXL 603S condensor mics (2)
Studio Projects CS5 (1)
Studio Projects T3 (1)
Studio Projects C4's (2)
Yamaha "Sub kick" (1)

1937 Chickering 9' concert grand piano that has recently been rebuilt by Pacific Piano.
Hammond C3 organ (no Leslie)
Yamaha Solid State guitar amplifier
Plenty of various mic stands and cables in great condition